Brian Royce

Admitted to Bar2016
Prior to being called to the Bar, Brian had over 30 years experience in the Criminal Justice System in NSW and Commonwealth jurisdictions. From April 1998 he was employed as a lawyer with the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. His final position with the ODPP was a Senior Advocate specialising in committal matters, with particular emphasis on the most serious and complex prosecutions conducted at the regional office level. He conducted many CLE presentations in the committals area and authored a detailed paper relating to the specialised area of calling witnesses in committal proceedings. He was granted Criminal Law Specialist Accreditation by the NSW Law Society in 2005. Brian came to the Bar hoping to widen his areas of practice beyond criminal law and will accept briefs in other areas within his capacity. For more information about Brian and to review his CV go to
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Panels Indictible Criminal Law Barrister Panel
Complex Crime Panel

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