Lynette Judge

Admitted to Bar1984
Areas of Practice

Short Professional History

Lynette Judge has practised continuously at the NSW Bar since her admission in May 1984 and prior to her admission to the Bar was employed as a litigation Solicitor. She graduated in Law (LLB) from the University of Sydney in 1981. In the past few years her practice has been predominantly, but not exclusively, in the areas of Family and Defacto Relationship Law, Succession, Family Provision, Equity and Guardianship.

Lynette was a founding member and is the current Head of Lachlan Macquarie Chambers at Parramatta.

She conducts and appears regularly in mediations, is a member of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators and is an Arbitrator appointed pursuant to Regulation 67B of the Family Law Regulations.

Some Appearances in the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia

Mehmet, H.M and Mehmet, F. (No. 2) (1987) FLC 91-801
Berta, Z. and Berta, D. (1988) FLC 91-916
Mason, AJ v Mason, JA c/o Hannaford, JK (first respondent); Mason-King, DJ (second respondent) (1994) FLC 92-446
W and T (1998) FLC 92-808
Nettler & Nettler [2009] FamCAFC 185
Gravis & Major [2010] FamCAFC 239
Malcolm v Monroe and Anor (2011) FLC 93- 460; [2011] FamCAFC 16
Benworth & Benworth [2012] FamCAFC 32
Valentine & Lacerra and Anor (2013) FLC 93-539;[2013] FamCAFC 53
Scepetti & Scepetti [2014] FamCAFC 33
Slocomb & Hedgewood [2015] FamCAFC 219
Sresbodan & Sresbodan and Ors [2016] FamCAFC 88
Fleming & Schmidt [2017] FamCAFC 12
Waterman & Waterman [2017] FamCAFC 23

Some Appearances in the Supreme Court of New South Wales

Pettiford v Whicker [2005] NSWCA 370
Brennan v Duncan [2006] NSWSC 674 – NSW Supreme Court
Virginie-Pitel v Campbell; Campbell v Virginie-Pitel [2010] NSWSC 1440
Jones v Krawczyk [2011] NSWSC 139
Re Kilby and Ors [2016] NSWSC 1433

Papers and Presentations – 2016 – 2017

22.07.2016 Legalwise Seminars – Spotlight on Spousal Maintenance.
10.08.2016 Young Lawyers Seminar Commonwealth Law Courts Parramatta
Aspects of Preparation and Presentation of Interim Financial Applications.
10.09.2016 Advanced Family Law Day – College of Law – Effect of Time Delays on the Family Law Act.
25.10.2016 College of Law Advanced Wills and Estates Day
Challenging a Superannuation Trustee’s Determination.
18.03.2017 Legalwise Seminars
Recent Developments in Estate Matters – Update on Wills and Estate Matters – included reference to recent cases on Lawyer liability in will drafting and best practice, and Update on Section 79A – Watermann and Watermann.
23.03.2017 Legalwise Conference Parramatta – Superannuation and Death

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